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The operator of the web site (hereinafter referred to as “”) delivers its services in compliance with the General Contract Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) defined hereby. Visiting the web site you shall accept and acknowledge the provisions of the GTC obligatory for yourself. If you disagree with the all of the terms and conditions in these GTC, please do not use this web site.

1. The right to use the web site shall grant you a restricted, non-exclusive and revocable permit to use the web site for your own purpose in accordance with the provisions of these GTC.
Furthermore, you shall declare that you have turned 14. If you have not turned 18 or if you are not considered of legal age under the related law, you may use the web site under the control of parents or a guardian who has read these GTC and accepted the provisions thereof on behalf of you. Any children under the age of 14 may not use the web site, may not give their personal particulars or forward these for
When you register on the web page, you shall give all the particulars indicated in the registration page in full and accurately, and you shall meet all the requirements prescribed in order that you may create your user account. You shall undertake responsibility for the maintenance of the secrecy of your particulars given upon the registration. In addition, you shall be responsible for any activities carried out under your user name. shall undertake no responsibility for any damage incurred by you due to the use of your account by any unauthorized person, regardless it has happened with or without your knowledge. However, you shall be liable for any damage resulting from the use of your account by any other person. The shall be entitled to reject the registration or to refuse the access to the user account at any time. shall undertake no responsibility at all for the validity of the data or contents displayed on the web page for any reason or for the correctness of any information included in documents or graphics. You may use any data, contents, documents and graphics of such nature displayed on the web page without any warranty and exclusively at your own risk. The operator of the shall exclude any claim for warranty in respect of the data, contents, documents and graphics. The operator of shall not be responsible under no circumstances for any special, indirect or consecutive damage or for any damage arising from the use of the web site, for the loss of any data, information or profit resulting from intentional or negligent, contractual or non-contractual tort and which occurs due to the use of any service offered on the web site or failure thereof.
The information, contents, documents or the related graphics on this web page may be technically inappropriate, erroneous or deficient or such information may not be available in your native language. shall be entitled but not obliged to update or modify any information or services available on this web site.
The web site contains, among others, opinion formed on certain issues and events by users (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”). The “Contents” may be texts, data, pictures, graphics, illustrations, photos, music, sounds, images, videos, software or any other item. Unauthorized use of “Contents” may violate copyright as well as rights to trademark, secrecy, publicity and publication and other rights. Users shall be personally responsible for the use of such nature and in case of violation of these rules they shall bear criminal liability.

2. Copyright

Any item of “Contents” downloadable from the web site or through means thereof shall be a product of the operator protected under copyright.
You may not use, download or upload, copy, print, display, perform, reproduce, translate, publish, permit, place or forward any information available on the web site either in full or in parts without the written consent of the
In case of the violation of the terms and principles specified herein we reserve the right to notify the competent authority if it is necessary or if we consider it necessary. In addition, you agree that the may terminate the access to the web site and the user account maintained in connection with that at its own discretion at any time.

3. Trademarks

The trademarks and logos displayed on the web site are owned by and third parties. The trademarks owned by any other person than shall be used with permission.

4. Contact and the rights of the in relation to the materials submitted

The operator of the is interested in your opinion. However, please remember that the shall not accept or consider any ideas or proposals related to products, services and other matters unless such ideas have specifically been requested. That is why do not send any unrequested materials, ideas, proposals of other nature or any other information and materials of similar nature for please.
If you send an email message for, it means that you keep in contact through electronic means and you agree to receive electronic messages from the web site

5. On-line shopping

The web site offers you the opportunity to subscribe to the web site for a definite or indefinite period as well as to do shopping for other products and services on-line. Concerning the services available on the web site please note that in certain cases the terms of a particular service may be detailed in an individual agreement. Such an agreement may be viewed before the use of the particular service and the stipulations thereof shall supplement or modify the provisions of these GTC.

The value added tax is included in the prices of the products and the services available on the web site The tax return related to the value added tax shall be prepared for the tax authority of the particular country unless it is provided for by other legislation or regulations otherwise. If payment of other taxes, duties or any other fees is required beyond the value added tax in relation to the purchase of any service or product, the user shall make such payment individually. shall issue a receipt on the purchase of products or services for a customer. The receipt shall be issued upon the special request of the customer and it shall be sent to the customer by

6. Restriction of the use

You agree not to use the web site for any commercial or political purpose; not to watch or copy the contents available on the web site either with search engine or with any other automatized means or manually; not to carry out any activity through the web site or in relation to this which may be illegal, insulting, obscene, threatening, harassing or abusive, or which may violate the rights of any third party; not to carry out any activity which may prevent users from the access to the web site or disturb the proper function of the web site; not to pretend to be any other natural person or legal entity in the course of the use of the web site.

7. Social network pages and ethical code might also deliver social network services on the web site, e.g. forums. shall retain the right to control, filter, modify or regulate any information disclosed by you or by other users at its own discretion; however, the web site shall undertake no responsibility at all in respect of such information.

Concerning the information and contents uploaded or sent to the web site you shall declare under penalty of perjury and guarantee for that you have the right to this without the consent of any third party. shall reserve the right to enforce special regulations on the social network pages at its own discretion and to refuse or restrict the access for individuals or groups at any time that do not comply with the criteria or rules defined by as well as to modify such criteria and rules at any time.

8. Secrecy and safety regulations

The operator of the shall need certain information and personal particulars in order to operate the web site. However, shall observe the protection of the personal data of its visitors. You can read our Data Management Policy here. We shall take safety actions of reasonable scale against the loss of the personal data managed by us and against the misuse or change thereof. Credit card data or any data relating to other payment methods shall not be stored by; such data shall be given directly to the payment service providers by users. In this respect shall disclaim all responsibility.

9. Disclaim and restriction of responsibility

The web site may also contain technical inaccuracy or other errors. You may use and browse the web site at your own risk. We shall operate the web site in its present condition and with its existing accessibility without taking any declared or implicit guarantee. shall not guarantee that the web site will satisfy every demand or it shall help you achieve a particular aim. It shall not promise that it may be used without any interruption or exempt from any errors. It shall not promise that it will be exempt from any server viruses making it possible to access and from other harmful components. No financial responsibility shall be borne by the operator of the if any property, material, equipment, data or anything else is to be repaired or replaced due to the use of the web site or any information available on this. Without limitation of the disclaimers of universal validity listed above the operator of the shall undertake no responsibility for any direct, unforeseen, consequential and indirect damages as well as for any damage pertaining to criminal law.

10. Links to the web site and links from the web site to other web pages shall grant you restricted, non-exclusive and revocable permit so that you may create references (links) to the web site. The links on the web site may also lead to other home pages. Such links shall not fall under the control of the; therefore the shall not agree inevitably with the contents thereof and shall not be responsible for these.

11. Banners, advertisements and promotions shall reserves the right to the placement of banners, advertisements and promotions on the web site. Any contact, mailing and transaction with parties available on the

web site as well as on other pages accessible through this (including the web sites referred to) shall exclusively under your and the particular party’s control. In relation all these shall undertake no responsibility.  

12. General provisions

  • 12.1. Compensation
    You agree to compensate and protect the operator of the as well as to compensate this and the owners, employees and representatives thereof from any damage, liability, costs and expenses occurring in the course of the use of the web site by you.

  • 12.2. Change of the web site and these GTC shall reserve the right to modify the operation of the web site at its own discretion, including - without limitation - the contents, any activities available on the web site as well as the products and services offered on the web site. shall also reserve the right to modify this agreement by updating or revising this document. The modified terms and conditions shall enter into force on the day of the publication thereof on the web site. If you continue to use the web site from the day when the modified terms and condition enter into force, it shall mean that you have accepted such changes.

  • 12.3. Operating of the web site and availability of the services shall manage and operate the web site from the capital city of Hungary, a member state of the European Union. does not assert that the web site shall also be relevant or useable. If you use the web site in another country than Hungary, you shall be responsible for the observance of the local related law.

  • 12.4. Jurisdiction
    You shall accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Hungarian Court in case of the failure of the amicable settlement of any dispute or action arising from the web site, the contents thereof or this agreement.

  • 12.5. Severability
    If any one or more of the provisions of these GTC should be found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, then all other provisions shall be given effect separately therefrom and shall not be affected thereby.

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