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The operator of website hereby informs the users of the website about its personal and other data management practice, about the organisational and technical measures it introduced in the interest of protecting the data and the related rights of the users and the options available for enforcing these rights.

Personal data: include any data that may be connected to a defined (identified or identifiable) natural person (hereinafter referred to as: involved person), as well as any conclusion that may be drawn from the data concerning the person involved. The personal data retains its personal quality during data management until its connection may be reinstated with the individual. A person may be considered to be identifiable especially if he/she may be identified – directly or indirectly – by name, identification sign or one or more factors that are characteristic of his/her physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

1. The data manager

The manager of the data is the operator of the website of, a company called Doktor Bit Ltd.

2. Range of data managed

Using the services provided on the website of is tied to registration. During registration the data manager asks data from the user. Accepting the General Terms and Conditions and the Data Management Rules is a prerequisite of registration. During registration the surname, forename of the user, his/her gender (man or woman), his/her birth date, email address and (mobile) phone number data are recorded.
While viewing the website the following data may be recorded: the starting and ending time of the visit of the user, the geographical location of the visitor and depending on the setting of the computer of the user the data of its browser and its operation system, the cookies and the IP address of the user. The activity of the user is recorded separately on each occasion after he logs in to the website. Activities connected to specific services (e.g. answers given to specific questions) are stored in connection with the personal data of the user. Sharing or publishing the activity data may be exclusively initiated by the user, provided the website is technically capable of supporting this. The data manager may publish at any time and in any form on the website those data created during the activities of the users, which cannot be tied directly to a user (e.g. the average of responses, the distribution of the genders).

3. Purpose of data management

The purpose of managing the personal data that are handed over during registration for being managed by the operator of is to support the usage of the services of the website and to ensure communication between the service provider and the user in order to ensure the service. We are storing the managed personal data with due care and we use them exclusively for the following purposes:

  • managing service orders;
  • sending notices and news in connection with the services, changes, developments and other issues that are connected to;
  • sending information and proposals interesting for the user to the registered email address or to the (mobile) phone number in the form of SMSs according to the option that is chosen by the user;
  • activity data connectable to personal data may be shared by the user with others provided the website is able to support this technically.

Data manager does not manage any personal data for purposes other than the above ones. Managing the data given this way is done with the voluntary consent of user, which user expresses by accepting present Data Management Rules and the General Terms and Conditions. Managing other data that cannot be connected to personal data and publishing these data is the basic purpose of the website. Based on these data each user may get acquainted with the distribution of the opinions of the other users concerning specific issues and information.

4. Duration of data management

We are storing the personal data of the users until the user does not request us the contrary. The deleting of the personal data and of the user account may be requested by the user under the appropriate menu item of the website.

5. Unwanted mails, notices

The data manager never sends unwanted emails, SMSs (SPAM) with any reason or in any manner. We are sending emails and SMSs only to such email addresses and phone numbers the owners of which gave us permission after registration on our website and by accepting the General Terms and Conditions and the Data Management Rules.

6. Range of people that have access to the data, the data processors does not sell, does not lease and does not make available in any form the personal data of the users to other companies or individuals, with the exception of its subcontractors. Exclusively the colleagues of the data manager and its subcontractors committed to confidentiality may have access to the personal data given by the users and the data that are automatically learnt due to technical operation. This does not refer to mandatory data forwarding that may be prescribed by law.

7. Changes reserves itself the right to change the text of its Data Management Rules without any notification. reserves itself the right to modify present Data Management Rules as it deems it to be fit either by updating present document or by revising it. This may take place especially if the scope of the service changes or if the change is prescribed by law. The changed conditions will come into effect on the day when they are published on the website. By continuing to use the website after the new conditions come into effect you accept the changed conditions. Changing data management rules may not involve the management of personal data in deviation from the defined purposes.

8. Security

We are storing the data that are managed by the website either on own or on rented servers, with applying appropriate security measures. We are preparing safety copies of the data by appropriate periods, which we may store on other, similarly safe servers as well, for the case if due to some technical or human error the currently existing data would be damaged.

9. Right enforcement options

We ask our user to contact us if he/she feels that we have infringed his personal data protection related rights in order to allow us to remedy the possible infringement. We are informing our users that they may enforce their claim at civil courts as well. operates according to the laws that are effective within the territory of Hungary, and in respect of any issues of dispute the laws effective in Hungary will be applied. Parties stipulate the jurisdiction of the appropriate Hungarian Court for possible cases of litigation.

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